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Great Lakes Bay Home Care

About Great Lakes Bay Home Care

Non-medical home care is a service that offers a great deal of benefit to seniors and caregivers alike.  For many seniors, independence is challenged when mobility and tasks associated with daily living become more difficult, and these things can necessitate a transfer into a nursing facility unless in home services can be provided.  For caregivers, the ability to bring a caregiver into the home, can mean the ability to go to work, run errands, or just have a bit of respite without worrying that a loved one may be in an unsafe environment.

Great Lakes Bay Home Care Providers

Non-medical home care can include companionship, housekeeping, and more.  Choosing a provider through an agency is always recommended, as it means that there will be background and licensure checks, and most agencies are very restrictive in who they allow to work with patients. The Eldercare Channel of Great Lakes Bay is intended as a resource to help make things easier for seniors and their caregivers.  We know that finding the right caregiver for your needs is crucial, and we offer advice and information to help you make a better choice. To the right, you will also find a directory of area in home care providers to help you get started. The Great Lakes Bay Eldercare Channel is brought to you by Jim Gall and Right at Home of Northern Michigan.

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